Mt. Sac Partnership

As a company that prides itself by investing in future workforce, Unical is proud to partner with Mt. Sac, who is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to train new technicians to enter the industry as a general aviation technician, corporate aircraft technician, or commercial aircraft maintenance personnel. Our scholarships also supported students studying in STEM majors and in the [...]

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SBD Fest

Unical has been a premier sponsor for all three years of SBD Fest, the annual airshow and festival at San Bernardino International Airport. This year Unical's participation included a 737 fuselage that was cut into the stage for the musical performances, two 757's used in the airplane pull contest and a CH-47 Chinook helicopter that [...]

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Unical awarded scholarships

Unical awarded scholarships to several employees and also to employee dependents. There were two award levels ($1,000 or $2,500) that applicants could pursue and $50,000 in total funding was available. Nine dependents received scholarships, and three employees also received scholarships to assist with their educational costs.

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Employee Health Fairs

Unical holds annual Employee Health Fairs both at our City of Industry headquarters and also at our San Bernardino location. Employees get a free health screen, plus the opportunity to meet with several other health & wellness organizations. Unical also provides free flu shots each year for all employees that wish to get them.

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